Design for me is not just a profession.

It is a way of looking at the world, the world we live in, the world of things. Things we see, touch, listen to, and smell. Things we drive, and live in. Things we work, and play with, build and destroy.

You can spend days without seeing another person, talking, or listening to somebody, yet there were not a single day in our lives spent without using something, made by another human being.

Things we interact with.

When you see an object, it sends you a message. When you touch an object, it touches you. When you play music, an instrument dictates your movements.

When you live, you live among things.

I am a designer, one of many others, who make things, building this world, creating a domain of interaction for all of us.

It is my duty to learn how the things work every time I start a project in a new realm of interaction.

It is my responsibility to see a human being at the other end of a production line, someone who will use what I have made.

All I have ever made were just links between us.

It is my honor to see them in use.

Ilya I. Gerasimenko